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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11 -- a fiery scene in the east bay. one woman--- unable to escape the fire. the new details we )re learning about thi scene in the east bay. one woman unable to escape the fire. the new details we're learning about this raging house fire that killed one person. good morning and thank you for joining us on our midday newscast. mime marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we first berate you updates on the story during our 7:25 news update during the "today" show. fire crews rushed to that scene but it was just too late. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from the scene on clayton road. good morning, pete. >> reporter: gentleman, good morning to you, laura. still an active scene with fire investigators here on the 1400 block here in concord.
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one person was found deceased inside the home behind me. neighbors are telling me it appears to be an elderly woman that lived in that home, but fire officials are not confirming it, at least at this point this morning. this is from our nbc bay area skyranger this morning. you see the smoke coming out of the house. i can tell you first hand here there is a lot of damage to that home. the roof collapsed as a result of that early morning fire. the cell phone video was given to us by a neighbor. you can see the flames jumping out behind the trees. that's the scene they saw this morning when the fire took place. according to contra costa county, they're saying it happened roughly around 6:30 a.m. and they found heavy fire coming from the middle back room area. that's where they found a deceased person in the hallway area. it appears that person may have been trying to get out in time when that fire was happening, but they were obviously unsuccessful in that. like i told you, neighbors said
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it was an elderly woman living there who kept to herself the majority of the time so they didn't know much about her. our crews did speak to neighbors not too long after that fire was put out. >> i was the first one to get to the house and the neighbor came out, called 911 and we tried to go in but there was so much debris, so much stuff in the front of the door so we could not get in. >> she walked, yeah. she never showed herself in the daylight. she would go out and clean her yard before light. she would go out and sweep her gutters and stuff. >> reporter: now, fire officials say there was a lot of overgrown vegetation in front of that home. there were also downed power lines when they showed up. they said there was also a lot of debris inside that home. when we spoke to neighbors, they said that may have been the case but, of course, that's the information we're getting from fire officials. you see they're starting to gate
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the companies, the restoration companies on site and fire investigators are still here on the scene. they tell us it did not start in the kitchen area, it started in the middle back room area, but the cause of that fire is still under investigation. live in concord, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, pete. >> thank you, pete. developing right now, the house just moments away from voting on a massive tax bill. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. he's been standing by watching the action from the capitol. >> the house about to passion that $1.5 trillion tax cut. i'm taking you live to the house floor. this is going to go along party lines. a couple of republicans have voted no, including at least one republican from california, the bill expected to pass the house easily. but first, democrats weighed in angerly. >> what about the oath of office and a pledge to the constitution and standing up for the people of this nation? >> is this bill about helping people who are living
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paycheck-to-paycheck? hell no. is this bill going to bring back jobs and lift up the middle class? hell no. >> now after the tax cut passes the house, which will happen very shortly, it will go to the senate. the senate will vote as late as midnight. one to watch is senator susan collins from maine. she is a yes vote right now because she was promised congress would take up bills to address health care somewhere in the future. already lawmakers in the house are saying they won't do it. will she change her vote today? as for what they're promising you, it's a smaller tax bill. nonetheless, recent polls show americans are not supporting this and don't think their taxes will go down. polls show it's the second most disliked bill to come out of washington in 25 years. the first was the attempted repeal of obamacare from the very same congress. now, we're going to continue to
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watch the vote and, of course, we're going to have much more for you tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. marcus? >> thank scott. scott mcgrew breaks down the day's news and politics and what you need to pay attention every morning on "today in the bay." and he wants to hear from you. you can contact him on twitter. that's @scottmcgrew. we have new details for you this morning on the hit-and-run in berkeley. san pablo avenue now back open. that happened in san pablo near ash by avenue. we know the victim has serious injuries. police say they were walking when they were hit. no word on a possible suspect. right now we're tracking a storm heading to the bay area. it's been awhile since we've seen some rain. >> i know, we really need it. you can see the storm coming in on our radar right there. over in san rafael, the s-curve on your least. meetist kari hall has been tracking it for us. >> started out clear, laura.
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we're starting to get a mix of sun and clouds. that's approaching the bay area. we can see the storm system. here is the center of low pressure extending from that is the scold front and that will be pushing to the south as we go into tonight as well as early tomorrow morning. we may see some light sprinkles later on this evening for the north bay, but for the most part the measurable rain will not get here until later on, well most people will be sleeping. our rain starts to move into ukiah by 9:00. by 10:00 or 11:00, starting to move into santa rosa. in san francisco, expect the rain to start to move in around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. in the south bay, by 5:00 in the morning. it will be very quickly moving through. by 7:00 it will be clearing the south bay as well. we will have a very quick-moving system. we can talk about how much rain we can newer here and how long it's been sips we had rain. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> all right. thank you, kari. new video for you now.
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crews responded to a garage fire. this is on finley avenue near stevens creek boulevard and winchester boulevard in san jose. we don't have any other details right now, but as you can see right here from that video, a lot of smoke and fire damage to that home. developing this morning. we're looking to find out more about a police officer that shot and killed himself during a traffic stop in richmond yesterday. the officer had been with the san francisco police department for nine years. a richmond police officer made the stop yesterday afternoon near hilltop mall. the officer was still approaching the veelk when the driver ended his life. police oifed it was an unidentified off-duty police officer who was stopped in connection with an ongoing investigation. and a drugstore robbery suspect is in serious condition this morning after police say an armed security guard stepped in. the chaotic scene unfolded last
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night. this is the walgreens store on south first and east santa clara. police say a little after 8:00 p.m., that suspect tried to rob the store. the guard approached him, shooting him. police say the suspect has left -- has life-threatening injures. the guard is cooperating with investigators and has not been charged. new at 11:00, facebook's coo sheryl sandberg talking about her company's push to stop harassment. the menlo park-based company announced new tools to prevent abuse. to stop unwanted contact when someone you block sets up or uses a different account. also there will be an option to ignore a message or conversation and automatically move it out of your inbox without having to block the sender. in a most, sheryl sandberg writes in part that no one should ever experience harassment in person or online. ending by saying, we'll keep doing what we can to make sure people feel safe on facebook. okay. a reminder for you right now to
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pay attention to what you pack before you fly anywhere this holiday season. >> experts are out with the holiday no-fly list. wax candles can be stored in a carry-on bag. snow globes are allowed but you're going to need to make sure they meet the allowed tsa limit on liquids. >> good advice there. >> who knew? coming up, more questions than answers after that amtrak train leaves the track in the pacific northwest. three were killed in this incident. the new details we're learning about the train's speeds. plus, keeping roads safe after recreational marijuana becomes legal in california. a new device made right here in the bay area that can tell if a driver has recently smoked pot. markets latest
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right there, the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. right now the dow is down 23
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points. stocks actually fall as apple drives tech lower. lawmakers are set to vote on that measure today for the that tax bill. right now, the ntsb is scrambling in the rain to try to collect some of the evidence after yesterday's amtrak derailment up in washington state. this while workers have been very busy trying to reopen i-5. you'll recall it what shut down when the train fell on to the roadway. we've got pictures of the clean kwlup in progress right now. sadly three people were killed and more than 70 injured. it was all breaking news we brought you yesterday. nbc's curt hawkins has more. >> oh, my god, that trade is derailed over the freeway. >> reporter: a black box recovered from amtrak train 501 confirms if was trapping at 80 miles per hour in a 30-mile zone as it approached a curve and flew from the rails. >> if a train is going around a curve and it is going too fast,
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yes, it will derail. >> reporter: speed is the cause that is now under investigation, but investigators are still trying to determine how it happened. >> amtrak 501, emergency, emergency, emergency, we are on the ground. >> reporter: the train derailed just south of dupont, washington, monday morning. some rail cars crashing down on to busy interstate 5 during rush hour, leaving three dead and dozens injured. some grateful to be alive. >> count your blessings. yep. trying to live day-to-day. >> reporter: the stretch of track hadn't been equipped biggest positive train control. a high-tech safety system that keeps trains from crashing. just two weeks ago, local mayor dan anderson issued this warning. >> come back when there is an accident and try to just not putting in safety enhancement. >> reporter: meanwhile, crews worked throughout the night to remove the wreckage and secure the evidence so they could reopen this major freeway for
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commuters. curt hawkins, nbc news, dupont, washington. well, in walnut creek, plans to temporarily move a nonprofit that serves the homeless is facing backlash from some neighbors. tonight, the city council will weigh in on the issue. the city's planning department has given the trinity center permission to move into a trip mall at california boulevard. that's as the current location is being replaced with a new building but that's not sitting well with some people who claim homeless will bring crime, while others say the homeless need a place to get help. >> it's so hard to afford living here. i've talked to a lot of these people and they're just people who just can't make ends meet, you know? a lot of bad things happen in people's lives and we have to help them. if you ignore it, they won't go away, it's not going to go away. >> as you heard there, not everyone in the neighborhood is against the plan.
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trinity center said it only serves about 19 people. the new year means new cheaper rides an b.a.r.t. for teenagers. about half off ticket prices. b.a.r.t. tweeted some video out saying you must be 18 and under to qualify and you have to get a clipper card. the discounts begin january 1st. head to our twitter page @nbcbayarea to get all the details on how to sign up. now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. an oakland company is developing a breathalyzer aimed at determining whether someone is driving or working while high. recreational pot becomes legal in just days. hound labs in oakland is developing a marijuana breathalyzer. they give us a look at the device as you can see right there. now it can measure how much thc is in your breath. that's the active ingredient in marijuana. now, the issue for law enforcement and employers is how to tell if someone is still under the influence of pot. a blood test really doesn't give an accurate picture because thc stays in your system for days. the ceo of the company says if
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thc shows up on your breath, it means you smoked within the past couple of hours and are more likely impaired. >> that's why this hasn't been done before. it's a huge technological and scientific challenge that we had to overcome. it took us a few years to overcome it, but we figured it out and we can measure just a few particles of thc. it would be like measuring a few drops of water in 100 swimming pools put together. >> interesting. that breathalyzer is in its final testing age and expected to go on the market late next year. dr. lynn tells us they're getting calls every day from law enforcement agencies and employers. >> right around the corner for us, rain in the forecast. >> finally. it's been so long since we've had some rain. it hasn't rain with really measurable precipitation in the bay area since december 2nd. here we are on the 19th and we're finally going to get another round. right now it's 55 degrees, getting a live look outside from mt. hamilton. still mostly sunny in the south
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bay. we do have high clouds filtering that sunshine right now and we're seeing that in sunol with less sunshine there as the clouds start to move in. looking in san francisco in the castro, it's 52 degrees and we are going to continue to see more clouds moving in as the storm system approaches. seven-day forecast is now coming up on the bottom of the screen. here is our storm system right now, producing quite a bit of rain for the pacific northwest. as this starts to dip to the squougt move into the bay area, some of that rain is going to lose its punch. we're going to start out with light showers. we're seeing that already now around eureka, moving into redding, and as it continues to move closer to the north bay, we will get some breezy winds, cloudy skies and some lighter showers starting out around 9:00 tonight. in ukiah, you may have some of that spotty light rain being able to make it as far south as santa rosa, but most of the rain continues to fizzle out and dry out as it moves into san
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francisco and napa. at about 2:00 in the morning, you may hear rain hitting the roof and east bay and the peninsula at 3:00 in the morning, the south stars to see that rain at 5:00 in the morning. if you have an early start, your morning commute might be quite wet, especially in the south bay. all of it does clear by late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. we're looking at the possibility of getting about 0.10 of an inch of rain for most of us in the bay area. maybe less in some spots. this is going to be more rain than we've had all month. take a look at some of the measurements we've had. we've only gotten about 1% to 2s to 2% of the normal amount. it had been bone dry here. good to see light rain in the bay area and snow in the sierra as well. central sierra looking at about maybe 3 to 4 inches, up to 7
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inches in king vail. and twin bridges, some of those resorts will be happy to get that at this point. looking at the sierra snow pack update. last year we were at about 59% of normal. this time we're at 34% statewide. and the central sierra, 41% of normal. we haven't even made it halfway to the amount we should be measuring as the snow pack. it's going to be turning much cooler for the rest of the week into the weekend. our high temperatures in san francisco in the mid to upper 50s. inland areas are going to have some very chilly mornings and we're going to bring it back from the 60s into the upper 50s into christmas. i'll have more on this and a look at some things going on for the rest of the week in the bay area coming up later. >> all right. thanks, kari. coming up next, shots fired at people's homes. not gunshots but flares. the arrests made after a neighborhood is terrorized. happening now, a civil
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rights attorney is filing a lawsuit against a rookie san francisco police officer. the attorney is demanding criminal prosecution after the officer shot and killed an unarmed carjacking suspect this month. plus, youtube ending a standoff with the top two music labels, signing a long-term agreement. the bay area-based youtube promising to be better at removing user videos that violate music rights. the deal could mean progress for a paid music service on youtube. >> more news when we come back. kari tracks the timing overnight
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... and we )ll cover the impact on morning rush hour. plus: when going (fake ... spells (real profits. the peninsula business - thriving from a christmas tree shortage. only on )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to 7.
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arrested for firing flares into seven homes in san ramon welcome back, everyone. four teenagers have been arrested for firing flares into seven homes in san ramon over the weekend. incidents were all caught on tape by surveillance cameras and police used the that to track down the suspects. some of the people who live in the homes were targeted, they say it was a very serious situation. >> but i'm very glad that they made arrests. i mean, this is dangerous. it's a long ways from tping and egging and stuff like that. >> one of the things that's come up is whether this was done intentionally to try to start fires or kids being kids. regardless of the intend, the outcome could have been bad. >> all four suspects booked into juvenile hall. we're still waiting to hear what charges they may face. a developing story in the east bay. caught on camera. a dangers sideshow in oakland
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over the weekend. the cars spinning out of control as hundreds of people watched. only this time, the illegal spectacle also had a laser show. blinded the cars and cops. california highway patrol is calling this a troubling trend that really could have deadly conconsequences. >> a laser will cause partial blindness, could cause blindness itself. it could cause the vehicle to go out of control because the driver can't see. >> a reminder for you, if you're caught flashing those lasers in the sky, you could face felony charges. at this sideshow crackdown in oakland, police towed 11 cars and arrested five people. a military veteran deported to mexico 15 years ago is getting an early christmas present. he's going to be allowed to return to the u.s. >> you may remember our investigative unit uncovered hundreds of military veterans who had been deported after serving the u.s. honorably. they were deported under current immigration law because they committed a crime after serving in the military.
11:25 am
governor brown declared clemency to three of those deported immigrants who lived in southern california before being deported to mexico. >> one of those veterans was told yesterday he'll be allowed to return to the u.s. before christmas. nice gift for him. >> absolutely. well, coming up, killing in the north bay. months after the area was ravaged by wildfires, people are coming together. >> everyone know that everybody loves you. strangers love you. families love you and you have a bigger family now. >> a christmas miracle for victims of the north bay wildfires. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all. your waze app on iphone or android. there's going to be a magnifying glass when you fire up that app. click on that and then your name at the top. scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers.
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that's how you join the community and we help even other out. connect thousands of wildfire
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victims with people who wantet a bay area nurse who helped connect thousands of fire victims with people who wanted to help is being honored. >> the "today" show surprised her this morning. chanel jones talked to her and other wildfire victims. >> reporter: the wildfires that ripped through northern california this october were historically devastating. santa rosa was one of the hardest hit communities. haley's husband fletcher is a sheriff's deputy. he was helping evacuate endangered neighborhoods when he realized he had to rush home to get haley and two sons out just minutes before the fires reached it. >> the frame of his dirt bike. >> what's something that you lost that was the hardest thing, you think? >> just the space of our home that we're comfortable in.
11:29 am
we were proud of. >> reporter: audriana lived in a house with her parents, her husband and her four children. now all eight are in a two-bedroom apartment. >> i went to look outside the window and you couldn't even see across the street. >> there was that much smoke? >> it was really thick smoke. >> her stepfather miguel became a homeowner in january. just nine months later, the fires took everything. >> you work hard, you know, you do everything you can and then everything disappears in the fire. >> reporter: both families were helped by the efforts of area nurse peyton walton. she was working in the only santa rosa hospital that wasn't evacuated. but peyton decided she needed to do more for those who lost everything. peyton posted a plea for help on the social networking app next door which went out to residents in nearby marin county. >> within the first five minutes, we had over 50
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responses. >> reporter: her post quickly went viral. with peyton's work eventually linking nearly 1,000 people in need with about 7,000 people willing to help. inspired by peyton's efforts, walmart stepped into help. they gathered the wish lists for ten santa rosa families who lost efgt a everything and went to workshoping, wrapping and delivering everything to throw a huge holiday surprise. a tree with plenty of presents underneath. >> these are all for you guys. here they come. carts filled with goodies. we teamed up with walmart. we just want to make sure you and your families have a wonderful holiday season just in case we missed anything, walmart is giving you and your family $500 even. a gift card to get whatever you'd like. and there's one more very special person we want to honor, and that's peyton walton.
11:31 am
as you all know, peyton facilitated a lot of this. we wanted to make sure you have a wonderful holiday as well with your family. so walmart is giving you a $5,000 gift card. and they are also going to work with you to give you a $10,000 check for the charity of your choice. >> thank you. >> all right, kids. the worst part about getting a gift is not being able to open them. kids, you can have at it. >> this is amazing, huh? >> you made my girls' christmas. >> i saw the presents and thought, oh, that's not for us. >> you didn't think it was for you? >> then i saw a tree and i was like, oh, it's for us. >> reporter: for these families presents for the holidays and a
11:32 am
message to last throughout the year. >> it let's everyone know that everybody loves you. strangers love you. families love you. you have a bigger family now. >> and you always will. that's great. that was chanel jones reporting. peyton just getting started.. she's turning that post from next door into a full-fledged charity called family matching so people around america and the world can assist families in future disasters. for more on that, head to happening today, the santa rosa city council will consider new rules to stop landlords from evicting low-income residents. some landlords are kicking people out to cash in on a huge rental demand following the north bay wildfires. tonight the council will consider an immediate ban that will go into place while the state of emergency remains in place. improved conditions giving firefighters a boost in knocking down the massive wildfire that is raging through southern california. firefighters reached a milestone
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in fighting the thomas wildfire. it is now at 50% containment. full containment may be still two weeks away. the fires now burned 271,000 acres is in ventura county. about 2,000 acres less than the largest wildfire on record in california history. mountain view police are looking for more possible victims after a man was arrested for exposing him. jesus bastidas is a transient. a woman claims he exposed himself near stevens creek trail and middle field road. bastidas matches the description of a man who did the same thing earlier this week. in that case, the woman told police he sexually battered her and exposed himself. take a look at the screen right now. that woman, that is who police are looking for. morgan hill says she snatched a woman's purse right off her shopping cart. police say that suspect then spent $3,000 at rite aid and
11:34 am
$2,000 at target all within an hour. if you've seen her, you're urged to contact police. >> new details this morning on a brazen inmate escape on the palo alto courthouse. we covered this story extensively for you. it sparked a three-week manhunt back in october. this morning, palo alto online has published new information about the elaborate escape plans. court documents filed by the sheriff's office showed the two men orchestrated that plan by using a jailhouse phone. one used another inmate's phone code, allegedly discussing the positions of two getaway vehicles with his girlfriend. the inmates are due back in court in january to enter pleas. the accomplices have also been arrested. pittsburg is giving the green light to a network of freeway cameras. chp says there have been more than 100 freeway shootings within the last two years. pittsburg police and other agencies will use cameras, license place readers and microphones to track suspects. caltrans is also investing $3 million to enhance the system.
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bay area traffic seems to be getting worse, sorry to say by the year. how much would you pay to get that commute flowing again? how does $5 billion sound? some transportation leaders say they figured out a way to raise the money but it comes with a catch. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the details. >> reporter: consistent gridlock is now the norm in the bay area. >> it's crazy. i drive every morning to menlo park and it's getting worse and worse. i have to leave earlier and earlier. >> it's getting worse. it just keeps getting worse every year. >> reporter: and studies back that up, showing that bay area commuters have seen a 64% increase in congestion since the year 2000. some leaders say solutions, including dedicated bus lanes and transit that circles the bay could be a reality, but it has to start with voters approving regional newer 3 which is expected to be on the ballot in june of next year. that would hike the toll to
11:36 am
cross barea bridges. supporters say the hike would raise as much as $5 billion to improve transportation in the area. >> marquee projects are extending b.a.r.t. to silicon valley, extending cal train to downtown san francisco, drastically increasing ferry service throughout the bay area. >> reporter: the toll hike would also fund an expansion of a managed lane system to break up bottle necks on bay area highways, but critics say it penalizes people who are forced to cross bridges to get do their jobs. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. well, this morning, the fight continues to keep some local schools from shutting down in san jose. the oak grove school district held another meeting last night and parents showed up in droves. the district expects to close up to five schools because of reduced funding. the superintendant is blaming the high cost of living in san jose for low school attendance and schools consolidating makes things make sense. a final decision is expected
11:37 am
next month. san francisco's popular aquatic park remains closed after two swimmers were attacked by sea lions. that area is off limits until thursday. people tell us some swimmers are not heeding the warning and going into the water anyway. last week, at least two swimmers were bitten by sea lions. both are expected to be okay. over the weekend, park rangers spotted three male sea lions. the winter olympics less than two months away and the south korean president suppose to nbc news about what he is willing to do to ease tensions with north korea. richard engel reports from seoul. >> reporter: for months, north korean missile tests and threats of nuclear war have spread fear across the korean peninsula and beyond. but this morning, while inaugurating a new bullet train that will take visitors to olympic venues this february,
11:38 am
south korea's president moon said he wants the upcoming olympic games to reflect their ancient spirit. >> what message are you sending to people through these games? the korean people will be able to send a message of peace to the world, he said. even as the u.s. government on monday accused north korea of launching the computer virus earlier this year infecting 300,000 computers in 150 countries, president moon extended an open hand to the nation's athletes. but no answer yet. given the track record, north korea's likely to make the decision to participate in the olympics at the very last minute, he said. president moon said he's willing to consider dramatic steps to reduce tensions ahead of the olympics, even curtailing frequent military exercises with the united states, which infuriates the north korean regime. it is possible for south korea and the u.s. to review the possibility of postponing the
11:39 am
exercises. i've made such a suggestion to the u.s. and the u.s. is currently reviewing it. however, all of this depends about how north korea behaves, he said. the south korean president said foreign visitors should not have security concerns and that he does not believe north korea will try to disrupt the games. richard engel, nbc news, seoul. well, coming up, we're tracking a chance of rain today. kari, this will be the first rain in weeks. >> yeah, and we're seeing it already well to the north of us. this will continue to dip to the south as we go through the day r. day. we'll talking about the timing, when it arrives and how much you can expect when we come up next. he trusted the pros for routine maintenance on his van, but they do hundreds of dollars of damage in the process. who pays? i'm consumer investigative reporter chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. -breaking news
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11:42 am
-gop house approves tax reform bill. breaking news from washington, d.c. right now, where we hope to bring you some live pictures. we're efforting those right now. we know the house just approved the gop tax bill, putting the plan one step away from heading to the president's desk. the senate will vote next. we are waiting for word from officials right now. you see everything being set up at the moment. we're awaiting that news conference. but the gop has now -- the house, i should say, approved the gop tax bill. well, nbc bay area responds to a peninsula driver who says his oil change cost him hundreds of dollars down the road. >> he contacted consumer
11:43 am
investigator chris chmura for help in getting his money back. >> greg mcphee in mountain view says he was diligent about getting oil changes for his van, but a few months ago during a checkup at the dealer, a mechanic discovered his oil level was dangerously low because of a leak at the oil pan. >> it looks like the plug in here has stripped out the threads and you've got an oil leak. as a matter of fact, you have about one quart of oil in the vehicle. >> greg says he had to replace the oil pan on the spot and it cost him $400. he wanted the lube shop who did his oil changes to pay for the repairs. he tried for six weeks but wasn't getting a response from the company. tonight, after "the voice," we take greg's case to the shop and we show you how you can require an auto shop to respond to your complaint. if you have a consumer tip, please call us, 1-888-996-tips or online at
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i'll see you again tonight after "the voice." all right. thanks, chris. check your forecast right now with kari. you've really been watching that radar with the rain coming in. >> we're starting to see the bigger, deeper clouds and the thicker clouds move into far northern areas. as we watch this arrival of the cold front, let's take a live look outside in point arena. this is what our cloud cover will look like into the evening. as we take it farther south, this is the view from outer sunset right. still enjoying that sun. on the cool side. only 52 degrees. looking live at downtown san jose. a nice sunny start to this tuesday, but we are going to watch those clouds roll in as this storm system and cold front dips to the south. here is the center of the low pressure and we have the cold front draped out to the south of that. we are going to see the rain moving in as we go into the evening in advance of this cold front. as you check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the
11:45 am
screen, we will see that rain moving in late tonight and early tomorrow, after that it's all dry again. starting to see some of the light rain moving in, entering parts of far northern california. as we go into tonight, we should start to see it moving into some of our northern counties. looking at the timeline, 9:30 tonight ukiah will start to see the rain. santa rosa will be on the leading edge of that and some spotty light showers moving also into san francisco. most of us won't see that rain until about midnight/1:00 in san francisco over towards the east bay, and then for the south bay the rain doesn't get there until about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. starts out with some light rain. may get heavier for a few minutes, but this is going to be such a quick-moving system, we're not going to see any problems out of this and we are not going to get the kind of rain that is going to cause any flooding. our rainfall totals, looks like we'll get about 0.10 of an inch. models have been going forward.
11:46 am
an estimate of about 0.10 of an inch. as the cold front sweeps through early tomorrow morning, our winds will turn from the north. it's going to usher in some cooler temperatures and our winds are going to be at about 15 to 20 miles per hour and that's going to make it feel a lot colder. even though we are going to have temperatures just a few degrees lower than today, make sure you're prepared with a nice warm coat because once the winds start to pick up it's going to indeed feel like winter time and the winds stay gusty into thursday morning. as we look at our seven-day forecast, morning rain tomorrow, clearing for the afternoon and breezy and cooler on the first day of winter, which officially begins on thursday. as we look at san francisco's forecast, it's going to stay in the mid to upper 50s into the weekend and also on christmas. inland areas are going to have some very cold mornings. if you thought it was cold last week, get ready for the
11:47 am
possibility of freezing temperatures, and, of course, that's something i'll be watching, even for san jose. so, yeah, big heads up about that. hasn't frozen in san jose yet this winter. fall, i should say. >> that's right. winter comes thursday. >> yeah. >> okay. thanks a lot, kari. >> coming up, amazon is offering a safe and secure way to get all of your packages, but how safe is amazon's key system? well, the possible hack that could leave your home at risk. ♪ this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine.
11:48 am
♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ unplug chargers - go, ♪ devices go off-line. turn thermostats down low, ♪ led's shine mighty fine. ♪ small actions quickly grow, ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ energy upgrade california, will let us shine. ♪
11:49 am
technology.. that could leave a potentially dangerous flaw in amazon's new delivery technology that could leave your home vulnerable to theefbs. this comes at a peak time for amazon, the holiday shopping season. >> hackers have figured out a loophole in the new amazon key system that could allow the delivery person full access to your home and you'd have no idea. amazon knows about it and says they've issued a software update. but cyber security experts say the vulnerability is still there. here is nbc's jeff rosen. >> did you know that now we deliver here?
11:50 am
>> reporter: it's the new service for amazon prime members that has everyone talking. >> free in-home delivery for amazon key. it will authorize00 rise the delivery and unlock your doors. >> reporter: able to drop off your package inside your home. when you get the service, amazon gives you this special lock and this camera. when the delivery person comes, you can watch it live on your phone to make sure everything's okay. or you can watch a recording of it later. but almost immediately after the launch, a cyber security company hacked the system. exposing a flaw. the delivery person could have full access inside your home undetected. okay. we're going to show you this hack in action. we've taken over this house today with the permission of the homeowner. in fact, the homeowner, richelle, is at a nearby cafe right now watching everything on her amazon key app. watching the delivery in realtime as you normally would.
11:51 am
helping us out today is ben from rino security labs. >> both the lock itself, the amazon key lock and the cloud cam as well. >> the door is locked. >> everything is locked. we come to the house, we have our package, we are unlocking the door itself with the app. >> that's the way it's supposed to happen. >> you open the door, wow. deliver the package. >> we close the door and that's it. >> they were in and out. all good. >> reporter: but now the hack. he's able to disable the wi-fi and freeze the camera feed so it looks like nothing is going on at that front door. you have a hack set up on their computer. i don't know how you did it. we're not showing you at home how you did it, but you have it set up so you just hit the button. >> exactly. >> you're saying just that fast. >> almost instantly. >> the camera's disabled inside. we can actually walk into the house and she can't see us. >> exactly. >> that's incredible. let me show you the amazon camera, that's our nbc camera
11:52 am
right there. that's the amazon camera. it should be seeing us but you're saying right now see can't see a thing. >> right. she's totally blind to this whole thing. >> in fact, look at the side by side. that's our nbc camera on the left. the amazon camera is on the right. on our camera, you can clearly see us inside, but on the amazon camera, it looks like the house is secure and no one's there. richelle has no idea what's really going on. >> everything looks like i left it. >> amazon was made aware of this vulnerability weeks ago and issued a software update, saying customers would be notified more quickly if the camera goes offline. for richelle, it took less than a minute before she got a notification that the camera was unavailable, but still no clear indication someone hacked it or was inside her home. while the software update may help, experts say it doesn't fix the problem itself, the camera can still be hacked. >> and the attack still works and the camera is still frozen.
11:53 am
>> reporter: amazon telling nbc news safety and security are built into every aspect of the service and this poses little risk to customers. and that the issue is with most wi-fi systems themselves not with amazon's software. the company saying it receives an alert if the door's unlocked for more than several minutes. also adding even driver must pass a comprehensive background check before they can make in-home deliveries. what needs to happen here? >> amazon needs to fix this. this is a major security flaw in the whole system and puts users at risks. >> jeff rosen reporting there. what if you have an alarm system? it won't work if your home security system is activated. so the company tells its customers to shut off its alarms during the four-hour delivery window they're expecting the package. experts say that could be dangerous, leaving your home completely vulnerable. >> just go buy your stuff at the store. we'll be back with more. stick around. the performances
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
are in-- and now it )s up to america to decide the winner of season 13 of "the voice." well, the performances are in and now it's up to america to decide the winner of the season 13 of "the voice." >> the final four, they certainly gave it their all during part one of the finale last night. emotions were understandably high for the finalists who were hoping to win the singing competition. >> this is my passion. it's what i was born to do. i hope people see that, believe in me and i hope they vote. >> i had a lot of calm and said
11:57 am
a lot of prayers. obviously they work really well. >> tonight, one of the four finalists will take home "the voice" crown. a special recap aft season, relive it again. two-hour finale starts at 9:00. it includes performances from kelly clarkson, delvy lovato, nora jones and billy idol. catch nbc bay area news at 11:00 and "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. >> that girl chloe is awesome. >> do you think she's going to win? >> i think she can take it. >> two whole hours of the voice. >> you love this show. >> i'm always asleep. i will be tracking this rain tonight. we are going to see this moving in before sunrise tomorrow. so all the details tomorrow on "today in the bay." >> okay. sounds good. >> we'll be back 4:30 tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." >> have a good day. see you at midday, too.
11:58 am
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> three and a half weeks the met will be hosting its annual ball and we are going to robin, not the ball itself. >> daphne kluger. >> over $150 million. >> it's $150 billion, actually. >> do we have to steal stuff? >> yes. >> okay, i love a good heist. that's a look at "oceans 8," all-female cast, anne, cate, sandra, the list goes on and on. >> it doesn't come out until 2018. i'm looking forward to


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